Bitfinex Launches Support for the Lightning Network

We’re pleased to announce that Bitfinex has launched support for the Lightning Network!

The Lightning Network is a decentralized system of smart contracts built as a second-layer of the Bitcoin blockchain, enabling custodian-free instant, high-volume micropayments across a network of participants.

The Lightning Network creates a secure network of participants that can transact with each other directly, without having to broadcast everything on the Bitcoin blockchain. The second layer technology for Bitcoin uses the blockchain only for final settlement of funds, which happens when the payment channels are closed.

The Lightning Network contains nodes that act as open payment channels for Bitcoins to be sent and received. The Bitfinex platform is running its own Lightning Network node, which you can connect to and open a payment channel with us here:

You can now deposit and withdraw Bitcoins on Bitfinex via the Lightning Network. For more information, please visit: Lightning Network Deposits and Withdrawals.

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