本次《对话首席》特邀Jur CEO & Co-founder – Alessandro Palombo作为主嘉宾。


​/Section 1:ChainNews Interview/

/ 第一环节:链闻提问 /

ChainNews:The goal of Blockchain legal decentralized system is to become the global go-to dispute resolution system for contracts of any size, and there are typically three layers as the dispute resolution mechanisms.


Q1: How it works and how it decides the value of disputes? 


Jur CEO – Alessandro:The value of each dispute is determined by the amount escrowed by each party. Let’s take the example of the Jur Beta Platform. Me and you, we decide to escrow an amount in JUR tokens which is equal to 3,000 USD. This is the value of the contract.

【译文】Jur CEO – Alessandro:每项争议的价值取决于各方托管的金额。我们以Jur Beta平台为例。我们决定托管价值等于3000美金的Jur代币。这是合同的价值。现在,假如你不看好事情的进展,所以你通过质押合同价值的1%来提出争议。初始金额的3000美元是争议的价值。

Now, let’s say you don’t like how things are going, so you open a dispute by staking 1% of the contract value. This initial amount of 30 USD is the value of the dispute. Any other Jur token holder, by voting on this dispute, will increase the value of the dispute.


That’s because voting, on the platform, means to stake JUR tokens on one of the two parties in litigation. The theoretical limit of a single dispute is 1 billion tokens (the maximum number of JUR tokens available). We can’t say, for now, what would be the average value.


Q2: Is there any limitations and what’s the problems and challenges to set up this kind of system?


Jur CEO – Alessandro:Jur’s solution are visionary for the most. This is because we are re-thinking the idea of justice, from a paper contract that has to be dealt in tribunal to a completely digitalized process.

【译文】Jur CEO – Alessandro:因为我们重新思考了如果将纸质合同变成一种完全数字化的程序,那么Jur的大多数的司法解决方案终将是可视化的。

Of course, the path to realize this vision is not easy and full of challenges, but each step we are taking is meant towards going the same goal of realizing a platform of use on the blockchain, for everybody.


We have already gone trough many milestones that seemed impossible one year ago. For example, Fenbushi Capital investing in our project, as the only legaltech project in their entire portfolio.


Or the possibility of testing our MVP with top ranking universities such as the Radbound faculty of law in Netherlands. So we are confident that we can address many more challenges in the years to come.


ChainNews:Jur, a platform for the creation and sale of “Smart Legal Contracts”, which are fully customizable contracts. With system’s easy-to-use interface, the user can select and assemble contract elements that contain both the necessary computer code and accompanying legal language. 


Q3: Suppose that most users of the platform (such as real estate agents and corporate legal staff) are not familiar with the coding language, how easy can this process be?


Jur CEO – Alessandro:There is no coding required, so they just have to insert the so called KPIs (key performance indicators) in the Jur Beta Platform thanks to a very easy user friendly interface, set an escrow amount in JUR tokens to make the contract valuable and ask to the other party to accept the proposal.

【译文】Jur CEO – Alessandro:不需要编码,因此他们只需在Jur Beta平台中插入所谓的KPI(关键性能指标)。这要归功于简单易使用的界面设计,以JUR代币设置托管金额使合同有价值,然后让另一方接受提案。

It’s all done by using natural language and by using the features of the platform. 

【译文】Jur CEO – Alessandro:这一切都可以通过使用自然语言和平台的功能完成。

Q4: How about Jur’s Road map?


Jur CEO – Alessandro:Our immediate next steps will be to expand the team, to carry on the academic tests for the lab of the new justice with law faculties and to close on more commercial agreements.

【译文】Jur CEO – Alessandro:我们接下来的计划是扩大团队,与律所一同对这种新法律体系进行测试,并且将这种体系其应用于更多商业合同。

Legal Zoom and Rocket Lawyer are offering paper based contracts and most of all, they are companies providing some templates. They are not marketplace and therefore really centralized.

【译文】Legal Zoom和Rocket Lawyer提供纸质合同,最重要的是,他们提供一些模板。它们不是市场,因此非常中心化。

Jur marketplace allows any expert to create a template and sell it, so to be able to become unique, global platform with thousands of expert who draft the contracts.

【译文】Jur 商城允许任何专家创建模板并出售,所以Jur能够成为独特的、全球化的平台,无数专家可以通过Jur平台起草合同。

/Section 2:ChainDD Interview/

/ 第二环节:链得得提问 /

ChainDD:“Do It Yourself” Legal Contract services, such as LegalZoom and Rocket Lawyer, have been available in the U.S. for many years. 


Q1: What is the advantage of Blockchain legal decentralized system and Jur over these platforms?

链得得-齐灵鸽: 基于区块链技术的去中心化法务体系,或者Jur,相对于这些网站的优势在何处?

Jur CEO – Alessandro:Jur is building an entire ecosystem of products from the contract creation up to solving any potential dispute that can arise between the parties. In this sense Jur does way more than the above mentioned services.

【译文】Jur CEO – Alessandro:Jur正在建立一个完整的产品生态系统,从合同创建到解决双方之间可能出现的任何潜在争议。从这个意义上说,Jur比上面提到的服务做得更多。

Apart from this, the main point is that Jur being a decentralized platform allows any JUR token holder to determine and contribute to the efficiency of such services (e.g. in the Open Layer, JUR token holders act as voters and ensure that disputes are solved fairly).


Apart from this, the main point is that Jur being a decentralized platform allows any JUR token holder to determine and contribute to the efficiency of such services (e.g. in the Open Layer, JUR token holders act as voters and ensure that disputes are solved fairly).


To create a stable and incorruptible system Jur has introduced the token not only for the payments but for many other essential features of the platform. This approach is completely different from what the mentioned platform do.


Being central entities that offer similar services to Jur they can control, modify and revert data as per they convenience (e.g. just imagine a big company interested in changing some legal term in a signed contract to their advantage).


In Jur all the crucial data is stored onchain allowing anyone that has an internet connection to check that it was not corrupted. I hope I gave an extensive idea of what are the differences. For us this is a very important element. Thanks! I’m done with this question.


Q2: Payments on the such kind of platform can be made in Token. Does this payment method create a barrier for users to use Blockchain legal decentralized?


Jur CEO – Alessandro:The value of each dispute is determined by the amount escrowed by each party. Let’s take the example of the Jur Beta Platform. Me and you, we decide to escrow an amount in JUR tokens which is equal to 3,000 USD. This is the value of the contract.

【译文】Jur CEO – Alessandro:我们接下来的计划是扩大团队,与律所一同对这种新法律体系进行测试,并且将这种体系其应用于更多商业合同。

Blockchain technology is still at its early stage. But we are confident that in the near future more and more solution will be created to help people access blockchain-based services with ease.


Not so long ago it was almost impossible that people trusted the internet to put its money; now you are literally 2 clicks away to any kind of product thanks to e-commerce, paypal and other services as such and a improved user experience design that is meant to make things easy to be executed.

【译文】不久前,人们几乎不可能信任互联网交易; 现在,通过电子商务,paypal和其他服务,只需要鼠标一点就可以轻松购买任何产品。这种升级的用户体验设计,让生活更简单。

We are part, as Jur, of that revolution that will bring the possibiity to manage with ease whatever it is needed to be on the legal side. That’s why we think of introducing, for example, the stable coin as a method for using the escrow, instead of JUR only.


Q3: How about Jur’s Token Economy?


Jur CEO – Alessandro:The JUR token allows you to streamline your business relations. Each product we have invented is made to be used with the JUR token so, for example, in the Jur Editor and in the Jur Marketplace, the token is used to create contracts from scratch.


In the Open Layer and the Community Layer, the token is used to create a p2p dispute resolution system. In the Court Layer, where the token is used to create legal online dispute resolutions valid in more than 150 countries worldwide.


Jur’s ecosystem is the definitive justice engine. Fueled by JUR tokens, professionals and business alike are able to conveniently manage their legal affairs, regardless of location, industry, or the type of business conducted. We are going to release an article about the detailed JUR tokenomics so keep an eye on our twitter and medium. We will also be launching a WeChat community.


/Section 3:Huoxun Interview/

/ 第三环节:火讯财经提问 /

Huoxun:Jur’s three innovative dispute resolution mechanisms graduated in complexity according to the value of the disputes, which aim to create real jurisdictions on the blockchain. 


Q1: What’s the difference between these three mechanisms?


Jur CEO – Alessandro:These three mechanisms are part of the so called Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) mechanisms. We have added a ‘d’ before ODR, so to designate that the Jur ODRs are actually dODRs, decentralized online dispute resolution ones. We have called them ‘layers’, and defined them as the Open, the Community and the Court layers. The open layer is a mechanism where anyone with a JUR token can vote, on other people’s dispute.

【译文】Jur CEO – Alessandro:这三种机制是所谓的线上纠纷解决方案(ODR)的一部分,我们在ODR前边加了一个“d”,所以实际上是dODRs, 代表着去中心化线上解决方案(d=去中心化)。我们把他们叫做“层”定义为开放层、社区层、法院层。开放层是一种任何持有Jur用户都可以为其他人的争议投票的机制。

The voting system will grant a part to be the winner of a dispute, and you can get a reward if you have voted to the right one. The Open Layer will be ready available from day 0 of the IEO, together with the Jur Editor for contract creation, on what we have called the Jur Beta Platform.

【译文】系统将选出部分用户的争议作为胜出者,任何投票给他们的用户都可以获得奖励。开放层将在项目认购期间开启,同步开启的还有创建合同的Jur编辑器,这些产品都将上线Jur Beta 平台。

The Open layer is free of charge and it is meant for small-sized disputes. The Community layer is an enhancement of the Open, and it grants the possibility to create hubs of expert to vote on a certain dispute instead of anyone.


That will give you the possibility to create a valuable, professional decision on dispute of higher value. The Court layer is the digitalized tribunal of the future and gives you the possibility to access to arbitrators online. It will make enforced the decision given by the arbitrator. It is legally binding, in more than 150 countries.


It’s really something special. We are looking forward to have the foundations of the Court Layer set. Done!


Q2: How to ensure fairness for users living in different states or countries? 


Jur CEO – Alessandro:The first two layers can be used wherever, regardless of geographical boundaries, because the mechanisms of resolution are inside the platform and not related to a specific jurisdiction. The Court Layer is designed, instead, to be related to the jurisdiction several Countries by internal Law or thanks to the New York Convention. Done!

【译文】Jur CEO – Alessandro:前两种“层”可以在任何地方使用,突破地域限制,因为这种机制是内嵌在平台内部,跟具体的管辖权无关。相反,法院层则为链接被内部法律或是纽约公约管辖的国家。

Q3: How are the members of the community are selected in the Jur?


Jur CEO – Alessandro:The criteria to be part of a pool of experts in the Community Layer are defined by the hub creator. So for example I would like only +35 years old graphic designers specialized in web design to be voters of my hub. I would do that because I want a professionalized judgment on my possible dispute. Done.

【译文】Jur CEO – Alessandro:【翻译】社区层里专家选举的标准是由节点创建者定义的。所以举个例子,我更希望35岁以上的网页平面设计师为我的节点投票,因为我更希望在我的争议上获得更专业的判断。

/Section 4:Chainfor Interview/

/ 第四环节:链向财经提问 /

Chainfor:As Jur white paper, it will create an ecosystem for developing and enforcing contracts system that is global and judicial.


Q1:What’s the incentive system to attract so many professional lawyers and experts to contribute their intelligence and share their intellectual creation with others?


Jur CEO – Alessandro: To upload a contract template on the Jur Marketplace is a business for them and they can easily become community leaders, respected professionals amongst the community if the value of their work is high. Done!

【译文】Jur CEO – Alessandro:在Jur商城上传合同模板对他们来说是一项业务,如果他们的工作价值高,他们很容易成为社区领袖,变成社区中受尊敬的专业人士。回答完毕

Q2:To what extent people can intervene in the adjudication of contracts?


Anyone can, in the Open Layer. Only selected people, based on average professional criteria can, in the Community Layer. Only recognized arbitrators can, in the Court Layer.


As you can see, we have imagined the three layers to increase in value of performance and quality, depending on the needs of the user.


To deal with what we call ‘micro-justice’, you can use the Open Layer, and this is used for contracts whose value is maximum of some hundreds dollars. Higher values should go to the Community. Highest values, up to enterprise ones, to the Court.



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